Anti Vandal switch 10mm

//Anti Vandal switch 10mm

10mm ss304 stainless steel puch button switch  Momentary DC 12V 24V 36V 48V 96V 120V, AC 110v 220v,2A

Anti vandal switches, as the name implies, can be used in harsh and dangerous explosion environments.  coal mining industry, paint or ink manufacturers, wood processing plants, cement plants, shipping and sewage treatment,kitchen or bath room. There are many brands and types of explosion-proof switches on the market, but in the true sense, there are still relatively few explosion-proof switches with excellent explosion-proof performance, safe and reliable quality. Among them, the ezitown brand is more ideal, based on the design of professional explosion-proof switches in hazardous environments, in line with ROHS certification, and passed special tests, suitable for various harsh environments.