Cable Puller

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Cable Puller (Fish tape, FRP pipe threader, perforator, pipe threader, cable pipe threader, wire pulling,cable fishing rod
) Is an excellent auxiliary tool for pulling the guide rope in the pipeline. The smooth and elastic surface allows the punch to easily pass through narrow channels. The perforator consists of three parts: copper core, glass fiber reinforced layer, high-pressure low-density polyethylene protective layer (smooth, strong, and resistant to harsh environments). The copper core conductor allows the stud to be easily placed in different ways.
Jungong glass steel perforator has the advantages of time saving, labor saving, and improved work efficiency. It can be used for telecommunication pipeline cleaning and the deployment of optical cables, cables and plastic sub-tubes. When in use, the glass fiber reinforced plastic rod is led out from the guide wheel, and then connected with the corresponding metal head and penetrated into the pipeline. When used for cleaning, the guide head drives the cleaning tool to clean the pipeline; when used for laying the cable, the steel wire or iron wire can be brought in first, and then the steel wire or iron wire is used to pull the cable into the pipe.
Rod diameter 3-18mm Rod length 10-500m Temperature range -40 ° C to + 80 ° C Minimum bending radius 295mm Traction breaking tension 4.5T Linear density 150g / m Wall threader for building construction leads, length 30m, 40m, 60m, 80m, 120m