Custom Logo Print 400mm Seal Tie ST400


Carton load:500pcs/carton, 18kgs

Custom Logo Print 400mm Seal Tie

What is the biggest advantage of plastic seal tie? A plastic accessory used to fix wires, cables, and other circuits. The plastic seal consists of two parts, one end is a square plastic mouth with a hook shaped elastic plastic buckle inside, and the other end is a serrated plastic seal body. The body can be bent through the front plastic mouth and form a loop, similar to a pants belt, which can be used to tie cables.
Scope of application: Suitable for various purposes such as oil tank trucks/container trucks.

  1. Features: Due to the serrations on the body of the sealing strip being able to fit tightly with the elastic plastic buckle inside the plastic mouth, the plastic sealing strip can provide a very strong fixing effect.
    The production process of plastic seals
    Production process: The seal is made of PP plastic through one-time injection molding, with steel sheets sandwiched inside the seal. The product remains unchanged at -45 degrees below and -50 degrees above. The surface is stamped or laser marked, with serial numbers and barcodes. The locking rod is a 2 * 5 flat rod, which can be adjusted and tightened freely during sealing. The color can be made into red, blue, green, yellow, or other colors according to user requirements. The tensile force can reach F ≥ 60KG.