Item : C45N DC PV

DC circuit breaker for pv solar circuit

C45N DCPV High Breaking DC Mini Circuit Breaker(MCB)

ker(hereafter ref The C45N DCPV series DC Mini Circuit Brea ers to as circuit breaker)(MCB), is suitable in nominal current 63A and below, direct-current rated voltage 220V and in 440V line. Uses for carries on the overload, short circuit protection to the cocurrent electrical power distribution system’s facility and the electrical equipment, but widely uses in professions and so on electric power, posts and telecommunications, transportation, Industrial and mining establishment. Is in the present domestic similar products the shell rank nominal current highest product. Installs the guide rail is the 35×7.5 standard steel installs the axle handle design when end surface’s place above, the operation security feel is strong, comfortable feel: When wiring certainly must pay attention to +, – the polarity; ; Under the power source progresses, conforms to the power source coil in characteristic, the easy installation, increases the line economical.

This product conforms to IEC60898, GB10963, 2 standard request


Directs current the small circuit breaker specialized design, for DC circuit and direct-current volume of users body custom make. Has the special permanent magnetic field to blow the arc technology, guarantees the direct current arc reliable breaking. Facing industry customer, according to industrial used small circuit breaker standard, design and manufacture. , may satisfy the customer domestic equipment and export equipment’s various requirement, convenient customer use.

Uses now world most advanced Shinaide the C65 small circuit breaker technology platform, and extends receives Shinaide C65 the consistent good quality. Can the rapid closing, the third-level current limiting, have the complete selective coordination table, broad use and storage and transport temperature, as well as reliable isolation function.

Has a more nimble diverse application and the control plan. It may assemble To touch the spot auxiliary, the SD warning and so on mechanical appendix, maximum limit optimizes your stock structure. The electric current rank is comprehensive, from 1A to 63A; The voltage class is 1P 220V,2P 440V; The breaking capacity is Icu=6KA; C curve.

solar circuit breaker
C45N DCPV High Breaking DC Mini Circuit Breaker(MCB)

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