22mm  digital Voltmeter Ammeter frequency indicator light

22mm 25mm digital Voltmeter Ammeter  indicator light

Voltmeter Ammeter indicator light is  a new design electric control device showing voltage and current data.has advantage of slim shape,easy installation,easy replace,long lasting,good looking. it can be fix to 22mm hole  and 25mm. Voltmeter Ammeter indicator light is a patent reserved products by Ezitown.


  • Size:Φ22 / 25mm
  • Shape:panel round hole installation, short body compact
  • Using Features:increase the circuit board three anti-technology, moisture, dust, anti-corrosion.
  • Advantages:mass production of the patch process, cost-effective, low power consumption, wide range of applications;
  • set anti-touch terminal security cover IP20;
  • comply with RoHS environmental directives;
  • access to CE certification; accept OEM, ODM customized services.

Function :

  • Mini  Voltmeter Ammeter indicator light, signal lights
  • only two lines of measurement and power supply, three digital display AC and DC voltage, wide measurement voltage AC65 ~ 480V (red light), DC9 ~ 36V (green light);
  • increase the exchange (red light) and DC (green light) ammeter, four-wire operation;
  • increase the symbol display indicator V / dc, V / ac, A / dc, A / ac; A / dc is out of stock.
  • ammeter can be used as a load disconnection instructions with more ingenious;

current/voltage meter

Type of inputDC voltageAC voltageDC currentAC current
Measurement / power supply rangeDC9~36VAC65~480V 50/60Hz0~36A0~50A
Valid valuesExternal shuntExternal transformer
Digital Display00.0~36.0000~48000.0~36.000.0~50.0
Indicates the colorgreenredgreenred
measurement accuracy±0.1V±1%±0.1A±5%
The sampling period0.5s
Display method3-digit 7-segment digital tube
Power consumptionMaximum 10mA

frequency/ voltage current meter


 Voltmeter Ammeter indicator light


Voltmeter Ammeter indicator light