Software product

Brand business operation management platform

Based on Tuya AIoT technology to help brands build their own brand smart hotel solutions.

Hotel management

Brand owners can conduct unified management of the hotels they serve. After the hotel merchants register and apply for an account, the brand owners can review their corporate qualifications and account permissions.

Hotel account permission review

Centralized management of hotel stores

Channel management

Brand owners can develop their own channel agents for joint business development, and the qualifications and permissions of channel agents are centrally reviewed and managed.

Multi-level channel agency development

Core business opportunity asset protection

Project hosting

Brand owners can entrust all hotel projects that need to be implemented to third-party service providers, who will install and maintain them and operate with light assets.

Project on-demand/full hosting

Service provider unified authorization management

Software product

Hotel operation management platform

Intelligent upgrade of all hotel scenes, efficient management of hotel daily operations.

Room status management

The real-time and long-term room status of the hotel rooms are tiled display clearly. At the same time, get through mainstream PMS vendors, realize direct connection to cloud systems, and automatically authorize or change authorization for check-in and check-out.

Room status calendar overview

PMS data connection

Guest room authorization management

Equipment management

Unified management of hotel equipment can clearly know equipment specifications, equipment area, equipment status, and edit equipment information. At the same time, it supports single control and group control of equipment in different areas such as floors, guest rooms, and public areas.

Unified management of global equipment

Equipment single control group control by zone

Equipment single control group control by category

AI voice

Unified management of AI voice equipment, support voice room service configuration, customized question and answer, customized welcome message. The voice service supports six service types including supplementary items, room cleaning, maintenance services, check-out services, renewal services, and washing and nursing services. Also, it supports PaaS access to third-party smart voice devices.

Third-party smart voice device access management

Smart voice room control & room service

Smart voice room control & room service

Voice welcome message custom configuration

Software product

Guests applet

Mobile phones control smart devices to create an extreme guest experience.

Network key to open the door

According to the check-in authorization time, the guest can open the room door lock through the applet / application. If you use a Bluetooth door lock, you can also open the door via mobile phone Bluetooth.

Card-free check-in

Remote network unlock

Bluetooth direct connection unlock

Device quick control

The device in the guest room can be quickly switched on and off through the applet/web app, and the smart device can be deeply controlled and adjusted based on the standard control panel.

Device partition classification display

Quick switch equipment

Depth control adjustment

Intelligent scene control

Guest room equipment can be set up for scene linkage to create a personalized hotel experience. Guests can switch and control the smart scenes in the guest room through their mobile phones.

Smart scene linkage

Smart mode quick control

QR code ladder control

After the guest checks in, an exclusive QR code will be generated, through which you can take the elevator.

Cardless ladder control

People flow safety control

One-click renewal

Guests can use the applet/web app to renew the room and book the check-out with one click, and the message will be notified to the hotel front desk via PMS.

Guest room renewal processing

Mobile phone check-out appointment

Sotfware product

Service provider operation management platform

Work order management, complete hotel installation and maintenance in batches efficiently.

Work order management

Authorize according to project construction and maintenance requirements, and automatically form work orders. The work order is transferred to the landing service provider system. You can clearly see the work order source, work order requirements, and work order status.

Service order automatic generation and circulation

Multi-client and multi-project simultaneous support

Real-time accurate control of project progress

Task Assignment

According to the project situation, the work order can be divided into several tasks and assigned to the staff for landing service at the same time, so that the work order can be quickly responded to and completed efficiently.

Multi-task split of service tickets

Real-time advance control of task progress

Batch construction

For mass-landed projects, templates can be configured in advance according to project requirements, and at the same time, with mobile deployment tools, project landing can be completed flexibly and efficiently.

Construction requirements templated batch settings

Fool-like operation of mobile deployment tools