PE 2100 series EMI electrical Filter


PE 2100 series EMI electrical Filter.

Ezitown PE 2100 series EMI electrical Filter mainly export to europe countries,mainland as well.

Ezitown brand PE 2100 series EMI electrical Filter mainly have three types:PE 2100,PE 2101,PE2102 .Classified by rated current.

The power supply filter is a filter circuit composed of capacitance, inductance and resistance. The filter can effectively filter the frequency of a particular frequency in the power line or a frequency other than the frequency point to obtain a power signal of a specific frequency or to eliminate a power signal after a specific frequency.
Filter, as the name suggests, is the filter filter for the wave is used to eliminate this noise.

Ezitown brand PE 2100 series EMI electrical Filter.PE 2101,PE 2102,PE 2103.

















Ezitown factory have a professional production team, the production of every link of the operation are standardized and orderly. And experts have random checks to ensure quality.
In the meantime,Ezitown factory’s systematic production lines and enough machines that make sure warehouse  have plenty of stock.








Ezitown Brand PE 2100 series electrical Filter packing.Reasonable and safe packaging to ensure transportation.















Every time  before transportation  there are special tests and inspection to ensure  the  product’s quality and transport quality .

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