Mobile light tower

//Mobile light tower

Ezitown developed the production of solar mobile light tower, this solar security, energy, economy, environmental protection, renewable energy sources and combine mobile lighting tower ( light house ) in the mine, field operations, disaster relief, maintenance, repair, and other special workplace, energy are scarce, energy supply continues to rely on advance preparation and delivery, apparently unable to cope with, such as: bad weather calendar, blocking roads and other emergency situations, only local materials, application of large spontaneous combustion was paid to our infinite energy is the most sensible choice!
Ezitown To address the special needs of this special place and production, and its use of intelligent technology to convert solar energy into electricity to meet the outdoor lighting needs in the field of construction, the user need only during the day to let the lighthouse full “sun”, the night can be night as bright as day. If the case of rainy days, that our products with a special silent generator, insufficient sunlight weather, you can turn on backup generators lighting, absolutely guarantee you ready to use!
Meanwhile, Ezitown production of 850 solar mobile light tower, with traction, tire mountain, you can walk freely in the rugged mountain road, when without the use of the light tower, as long as the lift rod and solar panels shrink, just as your suitcase, free and convenient .