Electromagnetic switch

//Electromagnetic switch

An electromagnetic switch is a switch controlled by an electromagnet, which is a combination of an electromagnet and a switch. When the electromagnet coil is energized, electromagnetic attraction is generated, and the movable iron core pushes or pulls the switch contact to close, thereby turning on the controlled circuit. Electromagnetic switches are widely used in various industries, and the most common is the contactor in the industrial field. The electromagnetic switch is the control switch on the starter. It is one of the three major components of the starter (DC motor, transmission meshing mechanism, electromagnetic switch). Its working principle is that after the coil is energized, electromagnetic attraction is generated to move the movable iron core, thereby pulling on the one hand The transmission meshing mechanism makes the starter pinion move forward and meshes with the engine flywheel ring gear. On the other hand, it pushes the switch contact to connect, so that the DC motor is energized to run, thereby driving the engine to start.