Dry type Transformer

dry-type power transformers ,dry type transformer using high magnetic quality cold rolled grain-oriented silicon steel, 45 ° miter joints stepping, core using a special square tube drawing board structure, the stem using insulating tape banding, the core surface using a special resin coated with rust proof, effectively reducing the load loss, no-load current and the core noise.
Dry-type power transformers Features Editor
1. The low loss, good energy-saving effect, bringing affordable running on.
2. retardant, explosion, pollution-free, maintenance-free, can be dispersed installed in the load center, reducing investment costs and cost savings.
3. Partial discharge less than 10PC, coil does not absorb moisture, no dust, high mechanical strength, good reliability.
4. Anti short circuit, resistance to lightning impact performance.
5. The shell is made of stainless steel, and aluminum cold plate three materials, the type of Stubbs wind type, heat type, you can make progress on the inlet and outlet, the next entry on the lower bottom out.
6. The transformer according to user needs with temperature control and temperature display systems, and temperature control system can be used in conjunction.
Applications Editing dry type power transformers
Dry-type power transformer is a kind of electric strength, mechanical strength, high heat intensity of dry-type transformers, urban power grids of excellent products, especially for high-rise buildings, airports, power plants, commercial centers and other requirements of fire, explosion, moisture an important place.