Wire Connector

//Wire Connector

In electronic product assembly, cable connectors are extremely widely used, and they are key products to ensure the correctness and reliability of electrical signal transmission. There are many types of cable connectors, mainly low frequency, high frequency, round and rectangular. In the assembly process of the cable connector, in order to ensure the quality of the product, a number of effective quality control measures should be taken at all stages, and the selection, pre-treatment, crimping or welding, and testing of the cable connector should be strictly controlled. . If there is a problem with the quality of the assembly, such as: grounding wire breakage, short-circuit between the cable core wire and the core wire, the core wire and the electrical connector, and the failure of the electrical connector contact or poor termination, it is bound to be serious. Affect the reliability of electronic products and systems. Therefore, in the assembly production process, the assembly process of the cable connector should adopt effective quality control measures.