KJD17 120V 16/12A 5 Pins Waterproof Electromagnetic Switch ON Off Electric Tool Push Button Switches with Power Outage and Undervoltage Protection

The electromagnetic switch is used as a mechanism to connect or disconnect the circuit between the battery and the starter. (1) During the switch-on process, the switch coil is energized to generate electromagnetic attraction, which causes the moving iron core to move, so that on the one hand, the shift fork is pulled to make the starter drive pinion move forward to mesh with the engine flywheel ring gear, and on the other hand, the moving contact is pushed The movable contact piece is connected with the contact screw contact, the circuit between the battery and the starter is connected, and the DC motor is energized to run, thereby driving the engine to start.

These switches have the following functions that derived from power-off and under voltage protection:

l.Double pole cut off
2.Brake function with one pole cut off
3.These two versions can be combined with overload protection switch to achieve undervoltage and overload protection.The advantage of our patented technology is high current with small size.