HGBZ8-12 HV Intelligent Reactive Compensation Cabinet

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HGBZ8-12 High-Voltage Intelligent Reactive Compensation Cabinet

HGBZ8-12 HV Intelligent Reactive Compensation Cabinet
It is applicable to reactive power compensation devices
of high-voltage motor or 3-10kV power supply system used in every industry of trade.
Performance and characteristics
O High-voltage compensation capacitors of high quality form both China and broad are adopted to make direct reactive in suit compensation to the 3-10kV inductive load consumers, thus effectively increasing the power factor of consumers(could be raised to over 0.95);
O It can reduce the user’s reactive loss, improve the voltage quality of the power network and reduce line loss;
O It can improve the transformer’s load factor and electric equipment’s efficiency, and reducing motor heating;
High voltage compensation capacitors of high quality are adopted with low loss. tgd≤1%;
O High voltage fuses are introduced as short circuit protection to ensure the safe operation of equipments;
When the device is off the power network, the remaining voltage can be lowered to be below 50V within5 minutes;
O It can automatically switched on and off without operational units. providing safety in use and convenience in maintenance.
Normal working conditions
Environment temperature.-30℃~+40℃, and the temperature shall not be higher than 60℃ within24h.
Transportation & storage: the temperature should be -25~+55℃, and the temperature shall not be higher than 70℃ within 24h.
Relative humidity: shall not exceed 90%/RH
Atmospheric pressure: 80-110kpa
Altitude: ≤2000M
Outdoor wind speed: ≤700pa (equal to 34m/s)
Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degree
Pollution degree: Ⅲ
Ice thickness:5mm(outdoor)
Illumination intensity:0.1W/cm²(outdoor)
Installation & operation: The degree of deviation from vertical shall not more than5% when the device is installed. The install shall not be polluted by conosive gas and tlammable gas as well as water vapor and so on obviously. And no fire or explosion danger.

Install location: indoor/outdoor
Incoming cabinet
Isolating switch
1  1  1
Protection fuse
   3  3  3
LZZBB-12 0.5
   3  3  3
   3  3  3
Insulation arrester
   1  1  1
Compensation cabinet
Reactive power auto compensating controller
   1  1  1
485 and CDMA
Permanent magnetic vacaurn circuit breaker
   3  3  4
   6  9  12
   2  3  4
Highvoitage capacitor
   6  9  12
Protection control
   2  3  4
JDZJ-12Q 12/√3/0.1
   6  9  12
Capacitor protection
   4  6  8

HGBZ8-12 High-Voltage Intelligent Reactive

HGBZ8-12 High-Voltage Intelligent Reactive

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