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  • Anti-electromagnetic Metal Cable Gland

Anti-electromagnetic Metal Cable Gland

  Anti-electromagnetic Metal Cable Gland Metric Thread M Type Product no. Thread size AG Applicable cable (mm) Thread outer diameter (mm) Board diameter (mm) Thread length GL (mm) Joint length H(mm) Wrench diameter (mm) Packaging (pieces / bag) EZ-EMC01 M8*1 4-2 8 8-8.2 5 16 11 200 EZ-EMC02 M10*1 6-3 10 10-10.2 5 16 12 100 EZ-EMC03 M12*1.5 6.5-3 12 12-12.2 7 19 14 100 EZ-EMC04 M14*1.5 8-4 14 14-14.2 [...]

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  • Ezitown 175-3700 Deutsch Improved Seal DT-Series Field Service Kit with 1U5804 Crimp Tool

Ezitown 175-3700 Deutsch Improved Seal DT-Series Field Service Kit with 1U5804 Crimp Tool

  10PCS 155-2270 5PCS 155-2260 5PCS 155-2271 3PCS 155-2274 3PCS 155-2265 10PCS 102-8802 5PCS 102-8803 5PCS 102-8804 3PCS 102-8805 3PCS 102-8806 3PCS 155-2255 10PCS 155-2261 10PCS 155-2276 5PCS 155-2262 5PCS 155-2263 10PCS 3E3365 10PCS 3E3371 5PCS 3E3377 5PCS 3E3383 3PCS 102-8801 5PCS 155-2259 5PCS 3E3389 5PCS 155-2258 5PCS 3E5180 30PCS 126-1767 30PCS 126-1768 30PCS 9X3401 [...]

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  • Wiring Harnesses

Wiring Harnesses

KF-8016 KF-8015 KF-8014 KF-8013 KF-8012 KF-8011 KF-8010 KF-8009 KF-8008 KF-8007 KF-8006 KF-8005 KF-8004 KF-8003 KF-8002 KF-8001 KF-8000 KF-7103 KF-7065 KF-7064 KF-7056 KF-6935 KF-6921 KF-6913 KF-6868 KF-6858 KF-6847 KF-6843 KF-6819 KF-6813 KF-6796 KF-6792 KF-6790 KF-6778 KF-6776 KF-6770 KF-6761 KF-6625 KF-6072

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  • Female Terminals

Female Terminals

DJ629-F3X0.6B DJ629-E3 DJ629-D6.3B DJ629-3X0.8B DJ628-A1.5A DJ628-1.5A DJ626-D4.8X0.5B DJ625-D6.3A DJ624-1.2A DJ623-E4.8X0.5A DJ623-E3.5B DJ623-E1.5A DJ623A-E3.5B DJ623-A6.3A DJ622-E3.5B DJ622B-6.3B DJ622A-6.5C DJ622-3 DJ622-2.3 DJ621-G2X0.6 DJ621-G2.3X0.8 DJ621-F6.3A DJ621-F3X0.6 DJ621-E6.3A DJ621-E2.8 DJ621-B6.3A DJ621A-2X0.6A DJ621-A1.5B DJ621-2.2B DJ621-1.8A DJ621-1.5B DJ612-E9.2X1.2E DJ222A-1.8A DJ222-2.5C DJ222-2.3B DJ222-2.1B DJ221-4B DJ221-3.5A DJ211-4B DJ211-3.5A

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  • Male Terminals

Male Terminals

DJ618-1.65B DJ617-2A DJ617-2A DJ617-1.5A DJ616-6.3C DJ615-E2.8X0.8B DJ615A-3.5B DJ615-7.8X0.8C DJ615-3X0.6A DJ615-3.5B DJ614-3X0.6 DJ614-2.3A DJ613A-2X0.6 DJ613-3X0.6A DJ613-2.3A DJ613-2.2 DJ613-1.5A DJ612-E2.8B DJ612A-1.2 DJ612-6.3B DJ612-2.8 DJ612-2.3B DJ611B-7.8B DJ611A-2.2X0.6 DJ611A-1.5B DJ611-7.8X0.8C DJ611-6.3B DJ611-6.3A DJ611-2.3B DJ611-2.2A DJ212-2.5C DJ212-2.3B DJ212-2.1B DJ212-1.8B DJ211A-1.8A DJ211-1.8A DJ211-1.6A

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  • Auto Connectors 9-Position+

Auto Connectors 9-Position+

Product name:DJ3121Y-1.6-11(Gray) Item:DT04-12P Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 12 Positions Male Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+1Wire Seal+12ContactsHousing (Gray): Nylon TPA: Nylon Wire Seal (Red): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ3121Y-1.6-21(Gray) Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 12 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+1Interface Seal+1Wire Seal+12ContactsHousing (Gray): Nylon TPA: Nylon Interface Seal: Sillicon Rubber Wire Seal (Red): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJY7201-1.8-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 20 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+20ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon Lock: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJY7162-1.8-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 16 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+16ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon Lock: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJY7122-1.8-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 12 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+12ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon TPA : Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJY7102A-1.2-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 10 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+10ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon TPA (Red): Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJH7201Y-2.2-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 20 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+20ContactsHousing: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJH7144Y-2.2-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 14 Positions Female Connector [...]

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  • Auto Connectors 8-Position

Auto Connectors 8-Position

Product name:DJ7085A-3.5-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 8 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+8ContactsHousing: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7085-3.5-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 8 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+8ContactsHousing: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ3081Y-1.6-11 Item:DT04-8P Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 8 Positions Male Connector Gray Product name:DJ3081Y-1.6-21 Item:DT06-8S Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 8 Positions Female Connector Gray A SET=1Housing++1TPA+1Interface Seal+1Wire Seal+8ContactsHousing (Grey): Nylon Lock (Orange): Nylon Interface Seal (Red): Sillicon Rubber Wire Seal (Red): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJY7087B-6.3-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 8 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+8ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon TPA (Red): Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJH7082Y-2.2-11 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 8 Positions Male Connector A SET=1Housing+8ContactsHousing: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ70812-6.3-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 8 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+8ContactsHousing: Nylon TPA: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ70812-6.3-11 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 8 Positions Male Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+8ContactsHousing: Nylon TPA: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ70811-6.3-21 Item: Details: [...]

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  • Auto Connectors 7-Position

Auto Connectors 7-Position

Product name:DJ7074-3-11 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 7 Positions Male Connector A SET=1Housing+7Contacts Housing: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7071-3.5-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 7 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+7Wire Seals+7Contacts Housing (Black): Nylon Wire Seal: Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ3072Y-2.5-11 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 7 Positions Male Connector A SET=1Housing+7Wire Seals+7Contacts Housing (Black): Nylon Wire Seal: Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ3072Y-2.5-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 7 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1Interface Seal+7Wire Seals+7Contacts Housing (Black): Nylon Interface Seal (Red): Sillicon Rubber Wire Seal: Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal

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  • Auto Connectors 6-Position

Auto Connectors 6-Position

Product name:DJ7061-0.63-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 6 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+1Interface Seal+6Wire Seals+6ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon TPA: Nylon Interface Seal: Sillicon Rubber Wire Seal (Gray): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJY70662B-2.2-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 2 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1Lock+6ContactsHousing: Nylon Lock: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJY70662B-2.2-11 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed [...]

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  • Auto Connectors 5-Position

Auto Connectors 5-Position

Product name:DJ70552A-6.3-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 5 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+5Contacts Housing (Black): Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ70511Y-2-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 5 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+5Wire Seals+5Contacts Housing (Black): Nylon Wire Seal: Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7054-6.3-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 5 Positions Female Connector Product name:DJ7054-6.3-11 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 5 Positions Male Connector A SET=1Housing+5Contacts Housing: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7053Y-6.3-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 5 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+5Contacts Housing: Nylon TPA : Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7051-2-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 5 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+5Contacts Housing: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7055Y-2.2-11 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 5 Positions Male Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+5Wire Seals+5Contacts Housing: Nylon TPA: Nylon Wire Seal: Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7055Y-2.2-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 5 Positions Female Connector Product name:DJ7053A-2.2-21 [...]

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  • Auto Connectors 4-Position

Auto Connectors 4-Position

Product name:DJ7043Y-1.2-21 Item: Details: A SET=1Housing+1TPA+4ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon TPA (Yellow): Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7043-2.8-11 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 4 Positions Male Connector A SET=1Housing++1TPA+4Wire Seals+4ContactsHousing (Grey): Nylon Lock (Blue): Nylon Wire Seal (Red): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7043-2.8-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 4 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1TPA+1Interface Seal+4Wire Seals+4ContactsHousing: Nylon TPA (Blue): Nylon Interface Seal: Sillicon Rubber Wire Seal: Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7041B-1.5-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 4 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+1Interface Seal+1Wire Seals+4ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon Interface Seal (Blue): Sillicon Rubber Wire Seal (Green): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ3041-0.64-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Sealed 4 Positions Female Connector Product name:DJY70422-6.3-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 4 Positions Female Connector A SET=1Housing+4ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJY70422-6.3-11 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 4 Positions Male Connector A SET=1Housing+4ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ70484B-6.3-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 4 Positions Female Connector Product name:DJ70414-6.3-21 Item: Details: Automotive Connector Unsealed 4 Positions Female Connector [...]

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  • Auto Connectors 3-Position

Auto Connectors 3-Position

Product name:DJF7032Y-1.2-11 Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Sealed##3 Positions##Male Connector## A SET=1Housing+1TPA+3Wire Seals+3ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon TPA: Nylon Wire Seal (Gray): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJF7032Y-1.2-21 Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Sealed##3 Positions##Female Connector## A SET=1Housing+1TPA+1Interface Seal+3Wire Seals+3ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon TPA: Nylon Interface Seal Red): Sillicon Rubber Wire Seal (Gray): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:KF7031-3.5-11 Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Sealed##3 Positions##Male Connector## A SET=1Housing+3Wire Seals+3ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon Wire Seal: Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:KF7031-3.5-21 Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Sealed##3 Positions##Female Connector## A SET=1Housing+1Interface Seal+3Wire Seals+3ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon Interface Seal: Sillicon Rubber Wire Seal: Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7031Y-2-21 Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Sealed##3 Positions##Female Connector## A SET=1Housing+1TPA+1Interface Seal+3Wire Seals+3ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon Lock (Yellow): Nylon Interface Seal (Blue): Sillicon Rubber Wire Seal (Red): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7031-0.63-11 Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Sealed##3 Positions##Male Connector## A SET=1Housing+3Wire Seals+3ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon Wire Seal (Grey): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ7031-0.63-21 Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Sealed##3 Positions##Female Connector## A SET=1Housing+1TPA+1Interface Seal+3Wire Seals+3ContactsHousing (Black): Nylon TPA (Green): Nylon Interface Seal: Sillicon Rubber [...]

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  • Auto Connectors 2-Position

Auto Connectors 2-Position

Product name:DJ3021Y-1.6-11(Gray) Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Sealed##2 Positions##Male Connector## A SET=1Housing+1TPA+1Wire Seal+2ContactsHousing (Gray): Nylon TPA: Nylon Wire Seal (Red): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ3021Y-1.6-21(Gray) Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Sealed##2 Positions##Female Connector## A SET=1Housing+1TPA+1Interface Seal+1Wire Seal+2ContactsHousing (Gray): Nylon TPA: Nylon Interface Seal: Sillicon Rubber Wire Seal (Red): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ3021Y-1.6-21 Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Sealed##2 [...]

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  • Auto Connectors 1-Position

Auto Connectors 1-Position

Product name:DJ7011-1.5-21 Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Sealed##1 Position##Female Connector## A SET=1Housing+1TPA+1Interface Seal+1Wire Seal+1ContactHousing (Black): Nylon TPA (Red): Nylon Interface Seal (Yellow): Sillicon Rubber Wire Seal (Yellow): Sillicon Rubber Contact: Metal Product name:DJ70129-6.3-21 Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Unsealed##1 Position##Female Connector## A SET=1Housing+1ContactHousing: Nylon Contact: Metal Product name:DJ70129-6.3-11 Item: Details: ##Automotive Connector##Unsealed##1 Position##Male Connector## A SET=1Housing+1ContactHousing: Nylon Contact: Metal [...]

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  • 12mm anti vandal stainless steel Indicator

12mm anti vandal stainless steel Indicator

12mm anti vandal stainless steel Indicator     12mm anti vandal indicator 12mm anti vandal stainless steel Indicator   Specification 12F-D/J/N Mounting hole size 12mm voltage class ≤220V terminal type pin terminal(1.8x0.4mm) Dielectric strength 2000VAC operating temperature -20℃ +55℃ panle thickness 1~10mm torque 5 ~14mA protection degree [...]

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  • 8mm anti vandal switch 1NO momentary 2Pin J type leg 1A 12V~240V AC/DC

8mm anti vandal switch 1NO momentary 2Pin J type leg 1A 12V~240V AC/DC

8mm anti vandal switch 1NO momentary 2Pin J type leg 1A 12V~240V AC/DC       8mm anti vandal switch 1NO momentary 2Pin J type leg 1A 12V~240V AC/DC AQ8 8MM metal switch 8mm anti vandal switch 1NO momentary 2Pin J type leg [...]