Cable Cleaning Tissue

Cable Cleaning Tissue,wire cleaning Tissue.Wire cleaning Tissue,apply standard cleaning liquid special alcohol liquid. and special bag to avoid liquid come out or voltilize.

wrapping power cable cleaning tissue bag
2.High barrier,dry compound,gravure printing,1-7 colors print.

wrapping power cable cleaning tissue bag

1.High quality raw materials
2.Customized sizes and printing
3.With tear notch
4.Best competitive price

1) Material: laminated film, heat sealed ,heat seal packing.
2) Soft, nonpoisonous, beautiful and practical,convenient.The stand up bag is convenient and widely used to pack various foods with a long valid time.
3) We can make the bag in different dimensions and print in different designs.
4) We offer both OEM and after market services .
5) Welcome to contact us for both friendship and business relationship

1.stock qty kept
2.supplier of siemens,ge,abb,schneider
4.1 day delivery

wire cleaning Tissue CCT20 Nonwoven cloth

tissue size: 19x20cm

Cable cleaning tissue carton box

Cable cleaning tissue carton box

cable cleaning tissue inner bag

cable cleaning tissue inner bag

bag size:6x8cm

iso-Propyl alcoho Cable Cleaning Tissuetissue size: 15x15cm / 10×10

bag size:6x8cm / 8x10cm

if put 2 pcs tissue in one bag,the size will be :
bag size:7.5x9cm
tissue size 15x20cm

packing: 1 piece or 2 pcs cable cleaning tissue put in special bag . then 100bags or 200bags put in one polythin bag .2000bags in one master carton.

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iso-Propyl alcoho Cable Cleaning Tissue

wire cleaning Tissue CCT20 Nonwoven cloth