Ezitown teaches you how to tidy up messy wires
With the popularity of computers, printers, air conditioners and other electrical appliances, there are more and more electrical appliances in the office, and the wires winding around the desk are becoming more and more annoying! Want to be friendly with this intimate space that accompanies you for eight hours a day? Might as well start with the bad wires!

ezitown can be customized back to back Velcro cable tie Velcro cable management with power supply, storage and cable management


Shorten the wire and tie up the excess part of the length
Shortening the wire is one of the most effective ways to keep the plug or plug neat and beautiful. Ezitown hook and hair integrated buckle belt is a multi-purpose cable strap, which is suitable for cables, computer cables, entertainment equipment cables, data center cables, earphone cables, etc. Cutting the standard buckle belt of the required length can complete the large-scale binding and packaging work.
The standard ezitown hook and hair integrated buckle belt can withstand 1000 times of opening and closing; The light load buckle can withstand 400 times of opening and closing, and continuous exposure to the sun may affect the performance. The more concise the working environment is, the more efficient the work is! Don’t worry about messy wires on and under the table in the future!
Label the wires
Finally, as a programmer or it, if you want to skillfully switch devices, of course, you should label the wires!

Ezitown 30pcs/sheet colors cable label for soho wire management