STM6 Series Mould Case Circuit Breaker

STM6 Series Mould Case Circuit Breaker.

STM6,STM6LY,STM6RT,STM6EandSTM6EL series of Mould Case Circuit Breaker are new upgraded circuit breakers reseached and developed by the company combined with the advantage of similar international products and demand of domestic and international markets.

Mould Case Circuit Breaker .With insulation voltage up to 1000v,the circuit breaker is application for distribution systems of AC50HZ,rated working woltage 690V and rated working current from 10A to 800sA,used to distribution electric power energy,protect circuits and power equipment against overload,short circuit,undervoltage and so on,also can be used for infrequent startup of motor and protect it form oerload,short circuit or undervoltage.

It is featured with small size,high breaking,short flashover,ect.. is the ideal product for users. it can be vertically installed or horizontally installed.

Feature 1:current limiting capacity

Feature 2:modularized accessories

Feature 3:minlaturized frame

Feature 4:contact repulsion decive (patented technology)

Feature 5:intelligence

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MCCB Mould Case Circuit Breakers can automatically cut off the current when the current exceeds the trip setting. Molded plastic insulator refers to a housing unit for isolation between the conductor and the grounded metal parts. Molded case circuit breakers usually contain thermal magnetic trip units, although larger sizes MCCB equipped with solid state trip sensors. Its trip unit is divided into: thermal magnetic and electronic trip unit trip. Common rated current total of the following 15 25 30 40 50 60 75 80 100 125 160 200 225 250 315 350 400 500 630 A.