Brief introduction of graphene composite fast grounding device
The graphene composite quick grounding device is composed of graphene composite grounding electrode, multi-layer composite stranded wire, alloy drill bit, grounding electrode protector and auxiliary materials. It has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, stable performance, time-saving installation, convenient connection, etc. The grounding body is made of graphene and other metals and round steel by hot melting and sintering, which greatly improves the strength, corrosion resistance and conductivity of the grounding body. Graphene is a kind of thin and hard nano material, which has good thermal conductivity and strong corrosion resistance. It can remain stable under high temperature, corrosive or oxidizing gas and liquid environments, and its service life can reach more than 20-30 years.
The graphene composite quick grounding device adopts the construction method of vertical and deep grounding. The grounding body is vertically connected through interference fit, which is simple in construction and convenient in installation. It does not require complex large tools. It can only dig a small pit at the grounding point, and then use a special oil pick for construction, with little damage to the ground. There is no depth limit in the construction process, and the depth can be more than 20-30 meters. It is suitable for the lightning protection and grounding reconstruction project of urban distribution network medium and low voltage grounding reinforcement, which can fundamentally solve the problems of the current metal grounding body of urban distribution network, such as corrosion, high grounding resistance, etc. At the same time, the vertical drilling can achieve no excavation, no compensation, and easy maintenance, effectively maintain the operation safety of medium and low voltage lines in the distribution network, with significant economic benefits, Meet the grounding requirements for lightning protection of transmission and distribution grid equipment.

③ Graphene composite grounding electrode
Round rod material, 1.2m long, 16mm in diameter, made of high-quality steel, with the surface made of graphene and other metal materials
It is made of warm sintering, one end is a tip, the other end has an inner hole, and the outside is equipped with a conical grounding electrode protector, so that the tip will not crack when it is driven into the inner hole for connection
No separation, more solid. The product has high hardness, good conductivity and strong corrosion resistance.
)Hexagonal six slot alloy bit
It is made of high-strength alloy steel. One end is pointed and the other end is opened with an inner hole. When installing the first grounding body, the inner hole and the tip of the grounding body
Connected and driven into the ground at one time. The hexagonal groove is opened, the maximum diameter is 22mm, which is slightly larger than the grounding body. When the rock powder is driven into the ground
Extrude in the groove to protect the surface of the grounding body. Even hard materials such as weathered rocks and volcanic rocks can be broken down.
④ Technical parameters of graphene composite grounding electrode

  1. Coating thickness and uniformity test
    Take 5 points at different positions of the sample for measurement, and the thickness of the composite layer shall meet the technical requirements