Ezitown brand 4:1 Ratio dual wall double sheet glue waterproof heat shrink tube

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With plastic shrink tube: the outer high-quality, soft cross-linked polyolefin material, the inner adhesive composite processing. Outer material having an insulating corrosion, wear, etc., the inner layer has a low melting point, waterproofing, sealing and high adhesion, etc.. Shrink tube with a plastic widely used in electronic equipment wiring water, gas leak; wire branch office corrosion protection, wire and cable repair, pumps and submersible pump wiring and other occasions.
With plastic shrink tube Features
① 4:1 shrink ratio, adapted to the irregular shape of the insulation and sealing;
② medium wall thickness, while maintaining the flexibility to improve the mechanical strength of protection;
③ layer for bonding plastics, rubber, metal;
④ shrink temperature 70 ℃, fully shrink temperature 125 ℃;
⑤ tube melting temperature: 70 ℃ -100 ℃;

⑥ Operating temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃

High technology products series radiation co-connection  heat-shrinkable products.
Dual wall flame-retardant heat shrinkable tubing is manufactured by co-extrusion of irradiated cross linking poly olefin and specifically designed hot melt adhesive.this tubing  may be used in a wide variety of electrical applications,including back and connector sealing,breakouts,pump,ship building communication,electric waterproof and connector to cable transitions.high expansion ratio makes it possible to repair most demaged cable jackets without removing connector

SBG  series glued heat shrink tube


adhensive heat shrink tube 4 to 1

adhensive heat shrink tube 4 to 1

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