Airflow Monitor

Item : LC 013        LCF 013

▋ Mechanical switch contact

▋ Versatile fields of application

▋ Small size

▋ Easy to connect

The airflow monitor (NC/NO) is designed to indicate the loss of air movement of a fan or filter fan. The contact detects the loss of air movement caused by fan failure or blocked filter media regardless of direction of air. Its simple mechanical operation makes it a viable alternative to electronic monitoring systems.

Airflow Monitor

The LC 013 is used as a signal contact to monitor fans or filter fans in stationary, self-contained Protection Class I enclosures. It can be connected to monitoring systems with remote control or can directly switch alarm devices, such as LED’s or signal lamps. Loads with capacities exceeding the indicated switching capacity must be switched via a relay, e.g. our electronic relay SM 010. The airflow monitor with NC contact closes upon loss of air movement,
i.e. it indicates fan failure (e.g. red signal lamp). The NO contact closes when fan is in operation and serves as optical function display (e.g. green signal lamp).


  Technical Data

Contact typereed / magnet contact
Normally Closed (NC)switch contact open when air is flowing
Normally Open (NO)switch contact closed when air is flowing
Max. switching voltageNC: 240VDC (UL), 240V AC/DC (VDE) / NO: 60VDC
Max. switching currentNC: DC 500mA / NO: DC 170mA
Max. switching capacity10W (resistive load)
Switching threshold of airflow velocity> 2.5m/s (hysteresis: > 1m/s)
Max. airflow velocity50m/s
Contact resistance< 370m (with wire)
Max. air humidity70% RH (not precipitating)
Service life> 100,000 cycles
Connection2 x single strand AWG 26, length 500 mm, tip of stranded
 wire 5mm stripped and tinned (NC: black, NO: blue)
Mountingalternatively integrated in protective grille (see table),
 mounting clamp or mounting clip
Casingplastic according to UL94-HB, black
Fitting positionbidirectional tab perpendicular to airflow
Operating / Storage temperature-20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F) / -20 to +80°C (-4 to +176°F)
Protection typeIP20
 Note: The product of switching voltage and switching current must not exceed 10W. The max. voltage and max. current must not be exceeded, not even short-term (voltage/current peaks). The resulting voltage and current peaks of inductive or capacitive loads must be restricted by a contact protection circuit. 
 DescriptionArt. No. (NC) Art. No. (NO)DimensionsWeight
 Airflow monitor with mounting clamp and mounting clip LC 01301300.0-0001300.1-0034 x 17.5 x 7.5mm5g
 Airflow monitor integrated in protective grille (plastic) LCF 01301301.0-0001301.1-0080 x 88 x 10.5mm20g
 01302.0-0001302.1-0092 x 92 x 10mm20g
 01303.0-0001303.1-00120 x 120 x 10mm                 30g

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