Filter Fan

Item : FF 018

▋ Very low noise                                            
▋ Minimal depth in enclosure                      
▋ Functional design                                      
▋ Time-saving installation                            
▋ Weather proof and UV resistant               

Filter fans are used to provide an optimum climate in enclosures
The interior temperature of an enclosure can be reduced by channelling cooler filtered outside air into
the enclosure thus expelling heated internal air
The resulting air flow prevents formation of localised hot pockets and protects the electronic components from overheating
The plastic used for the hood of this filter fan series is highly weather proof and UV light resistant

Filter Fan

Technical Data

Axial fan,ball bearingservice life main 50OOOh at 25°C/77°F(65%RH) fan body alumilnium,rotor plastic
Connection2 wires with pressure clamps 2.5mm2length 1OOmm
Casing(filter fan and exit filter)Plastic according to UL94 V O,light grey
Hood Ifilter fan and exit filter)Plastic according to UL94 V-0,light grey weather proof and UV light resistant according to UL746C(f1)
Mounting framewith double-sided industrial adhesive band for fixing to the outside of enclosure;ce rtain operating circumstances can make the additional use of screws necessary(see drilling template);included in the delivery of the filter farts is a template for the enclosure cut-out
Filter matG4 acc to DIN EN 779,filtering degree 94%
Filter materiasynthetic fibre with progressive construction,temperature resistant to 100°C,self-extinguishing class F1,moisture resistant to 100%RH,reusable-cleaning by washing or vacuuming
Operating/Storage temperature-45°C to+70°C(-49°C to+158°F)
Prot.Type/Protection classIP54*/I{EARTHED}


















*Using fine filter mats type F5 increases the protection type to Ip55, but reduces the air volume.

Special features
The self-adhesive seal of the mounting frame prevents dust and water from entering the cabinet
Functional design of the intake and exit fan hoods very effectively prevents
direct intrusion of falling water and dust The advantage is that
the filter mat does not get so quickly contaminated with dirt and thus does not need to be exchanqed so often
The air channelling makes the filter fan particularly quiet in operation
Functional and modern design enables time-savinq assembly and maintenance
All filter fan models are also available with integrated airflow monitor
EMC versions and other voltages on request
The direction of air can easily be switched by reversing the axial fan(sizes 1 to 3) 

Filter Fan FF 018 Series 

Art No.Operating voltageAir volume free flowAir volum with exit filterCurrent consumptionPower consumptionAverage noise level(DIN EN ISO 4871)Depth in enclosureEnclosure cut-outweight
01800.0-00230VAC 50HZ21m3/h16m3/h80mA13W31dB(A)45mm97×97mm+0.40.60kg
01801.0-00230VAC 50HZ55m3/h42m3/h100mA15W40dB(A)58mm125×125mm+0.41.00kg
001802.0-00230VAC 50HZ102m3/h68m3/h100mA15W39dB(A)86mm176×176mm+0.41.30kg
01800.0-01120VAC 60HZ24m3/h18m3/h160mA13W31dB(A)45mm97×97mm+0.40.60kg
01801.0-01120VAC 60HZ63m3/h48m3/h180mA15W40dB(A)58mm125×125mm+0.41.00kg
01802.0-01120VAC 60HZ117m3/h78m3/h180mA15W39dB(A)86mm176×176mm+0.41.30kg


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