HDPE protection underground pipe

HDPE means high density polyethylene. Ezitown use high quality pure new raw material to produce.HDPE has SPI resin ID code 2,is a ideal recycle material.environmental protection. Advantage of HDPE pipe

● Excellent physical properties, not only has good rigidity, strength, but also good toughness, which is conducive to the installation of pipelines.
● PE power pipes are corrosion resistant and have a long service life. In coastal areas, the groundwater level is high and the land is humid. The use of metal or other pipes is easy to corrode and has a short service life, while PE pipes can withstand a variety of chemicals and are not affected by soil corrosion.
● PE power pipe has good toughness and deflection. It is a high toughness pipe with an elongation at break of more than 500%. The ability to adapt to uneven ground settlement and dislocation is very strong. Good shock resistance.
● The pipe wall is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, the cable is easy to pass, and the construction efficiency is high.
● Good insulation performance, long service life (more than 50 years for underground pipes), durable, and safe and reliable line operation.
● The PE protective sleeve is light in weight, convenient for repair, installation, construction and maintenance, and easy to transport and operate.
● The pipes can be made in many colors to show the difference.
● Color, size and thickness can be produced according to customer requirements.

Best selling underground Highway cable protection non-pressure HDPE pipe

Nominal outer diameterWall thicknessRing stiffnessMaterialPackage lengthWhether in stockRemarks
HDPE25mm1.5mm≥10levelHDPE400 m / roll
25mm2.0mm≥15levelHDPE400 m / roll
32mm1.5mm≤10levelHDPE300 m / rollYes
32mm1.8mm≤10levelHDPE300 m / rollYes
32mm2.0mm≥10levelHDPE300 m / rollYes
32mm2.5mm≥15levelHDPE300 m / rollYes
32mm3.0mm≥20levelHDPE300 m / rollYes
40mm2.2mm≤10levelHDPE200 m / rollYes
40mm2.5mm≥10levelHDPE200 m / rollYes
40mm3.0mm≥15levelHDPE200 m / rollYes
48.3mm2.2mm≤10levelHDPE200 m / rollYes
48.3mm2.5mm≥10levelHDPE200 m / rollYes
48.3mm3.0mm≥10levelHDPE200 m / rollYes
48.3mm4.0mm≥15levelHDPE200 m / rollYes
60.3mm2.5mm≤10levelHDPE150 m / rollYes
60.3mm3.0mm≥10levelHDPE150 m / rollYes
75mm4.0mm≥15levelHDPE100 m / rollYes
75mm5.0mm≥15levelHDPE100 m / rollYes
Size and size Color Thickness can be customized according to requirements

Package length can be 6M suitable for loading container.  client can connect by heater,no need any joint.

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