Product PropertyTest methodTest Date
Before agingTensile strengthroom temperature≥15.9MPa
After agingTensile strength159℃/7 days≥11.6MPa
Voltage withstand and breakdown voltage Before agingroom temperature2500V,60sec, 
No breakdown
Voltage withstand and breakdown voltage After aging159℃/7 daysWithstand 2.5KV for 1minute and breakdown at least half of unaged breaddown voltage
Copper corrosionpass
Copper stablityNo sign of degradation Min.Elongation 100%
Cold bend test-30℃/3 hrsNo crack
Maximum secant modulus(2%)250MPa
Volume resistivity≥1014Ω-cm
Heat shock test250℃/4 hrsNo crack

three color overal 0.5-6mm2 220pcs
red 100pcs 0.5-1.0mm awg 22-18
blue 100pcs 1.5-2.5mm2 awg 12-16
yellow 20pcs 4-6mm2 awg 12-10
box size 19×12.6×3.6cm