Low-voltage withdrawable switchgear cabinet MNS IP30、IP40、IP54

Item : MNS

MNS Low- voltage withdrawable switchgear cabinet
The Modular Low-voltage switchgear system has proven its worth for many years worldwide. Our companies been learned many advantage from it, and through our  development make the improved type, to produce  high flexibility framework construction of MNS series LV withdraw able switchgear. This type was equipped to each with standardized components and can be perfectly adapted to each application. The consistent application of the modular principle both in electrical and mechanical design permits optional selection of the structural design, interior arrangement and degree of protection according to the operating and environmental conditions. The drawer is equipped with interlocking mechanism, ensures the reliability and safety of the product as well as of the operators. MNS systems are suitable for applications in all fields concerning the generation, distribution and use of electrical energy, they can be used as: Power sub-distribution boards for energy. Motor current supply of Motor Control Centers and control of energy consuming  equipment.
Normal working conditions
Environment temperature:–25℃~+40℃,average shall not be higher than +35℃ with 24h
Relative humidity: max 50% at +40℃
Transportation &storage: the temperature should be ﹣25~+55℃, and the temperature shall not be higher than+35℃ 24h.
Installation & operation: the device shall be installed at the place where are no strong vibration or impact and no corrosion affecting the electric elements. The degree of deviation from vertical shall not more than 5℃ when the device is installed. If you have any requirement, please contact with us and negotiate with us.

Technical parameters


General data
Incoming and outgoing modeCable/ busbar
Cable incoming and outgoingTop/ buttom
Connection modeFront/rear
Degree of protectionIP30、IP40、IP54
Isolation form2b/3b/4a/4b
Horizontal busbar
Rated current≤1500
Rated short-time withstand current50kA
Rated peak withstand current105kA
Earthing systemTT、IT、TN-S、TN-C-S
Surface ProcessingHigh-voltage electrostatic  epoxy powder coating
Surface colorGriseous
Electric data
Rated insulation voltage690V(1000V)
Rated operating voltage400V(690V)
Rated frequency50Hz
Rated impulse withstand voltage8kV
Rated auxiliary circuit voltageAC400V、220V/DC220V、110V
Over voltage category
Degree of pollution3

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