Product name : Power Switchgear

Item : GZDW

Power Switchgear

CONTROL eauipment
GZDW Intelligent High-frequency Dc power Switchgear supply device
GZD(w) series microcomputer monitoring high-frequency switch DC power cabinets are the latest products that developed on the advanced exchange technology from abroad and the practical experience, the product has been included in the industrial city plans and substations as the operational power supply of DC drive mechanism, relay protection, automation control and control signal bus bar. Also can be used in metallurgy, mine ,petrochemical industry,         broadcasttelevision , computation room, underground railroad industry, high-rise and so on, works as DC control, signal power supply, power off protection and ON-OFF power supply for operating mechanism of circuit breaker. It can be remote centralized controlled. .It is suitable for the unmanned substation.
The product has been reflected well after it is on the market. It has the features of advanced technology, the accurate stable current and stable voltage, low ripple coefficient, small size, big power, stable performance, reliable.
Normal working conditions
Environment temperature: —25℃~+40℃
Altitude:≤ 2000M
Relative humidity: max 50% at +40℃, but at a low temperature, a high relative humidity is permissible (for example 90% at +20℃), in addition, the condensation caused by change of temperature shall be considered.
Installation & operation: the device shall be installed at the place where are no strong vibration or impact and no corrosion affecting the electric elements. The degree of deviation from vertical shall not more than 5° when the device is installed.
If you have any requirement, please contact with us and negotiate with us.

Technical parameters

Input voltage

Three phase :400V±10% 、 50HZ±5%

Output voltage

 48V 、 110V  、 220V
Output DC rated current

5A 、8A 、10A 、15A 、20A 、30A 、40A 、50A

Battery capacity(max)

10 、20 、38 、40 、50 、60 、65 、100 、150 、200 、250 、300Ah

The adjustment range of output

  Rated 0-100%

DC current

Accuracy of steady voltage


Accuracy of steady steady flow

of charging device


Ripple factor of floating charging


Operation noise


Main transformer temperature device


Operating mode

 continuous working

Degree of protection


Efficiency  >90%

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