Three color LED button

Three color LED button

Here New product arrival :16mm 6V ring illuminated RGB tri-color twi-color LED resettable 1NO button

Item:16-new led. can be without wire,direct connect to pin


Specification:16mm LED button

1.switch combination: 1NO1NC/2NO2NC1NO1NC,

2.operation types: resettable (momentary push button)

3.enclosure material: nickel plated brass/stainless steel

4.LED rated voltage: 6V/12V/24V/110V/220V

5.LED color: red,orange,yellow,green,blue,white.RGB LED (allowing the user to select color by combinging R G and B)

16mm LED button.This is with a tri-color LED inside the button, As in 3 LEDs built into one button. Could control what color is being displayed.

Here attached a diagram explaining it further.

1 push button switch has 6 wires for LED, 2 wires for switch(total 8 wires).16mm LED button

If there is an error, the button turns red. If everything is okay, it turns green. If we need to get the user’s attention, it turns white. Different color shows different function.

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