Outdoor 252kv SF6 circuit breaker vcb

ROCKWILL developed LW36-252 type outdoor SF6 gas circuit breaker using modern processing technology and computer-aided design techniques, combined

with the latest generation of spring bodies and the advantages of a permanent institution. Its pursuit of high reliability, easy to maintain design concepts to create ageneration of superior product, is the most reliable electric power system and the best option.

ROCKWILL all series switches meet the following criteria:

ANS/IEEE C37.60/IEC 62271-100(GB1984-2003 China standard)

GBT11022-1999 China Standard
IEC 60255-11
IEC 60255-21-1 Class I
IEC 60255-21-2 Class I
IEC 60255-21-3 Class I
IEC 60255-22-1 Class III
IEC 60255-22-2 Class IV
IEC 60255-22-3 Class III
IEC 60255-22-4 Class IV

Using of the enviroment:

Ambient temperature:-40℃~+40℃, the daily average temperature:25℃;

Altitude:≤ 3000m(in excess of the value of technical discussions with the divisionI);

Wind speed:35m/s;

Earthquake intensity: not more than 8 degrees;

Degree of ambient air contamination level not greater than:III level;

Daily average ambient air relative humidity≤95%, on average≤90%;

Saturated vapor pressure of daily mean values≤ 2.2*10^(-3)MPa, on average≤1.8*10^(-3)MPa;

More about the use of environment conditions, please consult with the manufacturer.

Main technical specifications:






Rated voltage




Rated frequency




Rated current




1min power frequency withstand voltage




Lingthning impluse withstand voltage(peak value




Rated short circuit breaking current



Rated peak withstand current

     KA               125


Rated out-of-phase breaking current




 Rated cable(line) charging breaking current(peak)




 Rated gas pressure




 Main loop resistance




 Operation sequence



 SF6 gas leakage rate(per year)




 Moisture content(V/V)



  15                                                       Across the open contacts   mm


Creepage distance

                                                               TO earth



Mechanical life




Note: For short circuit breaking current & rated current is optional by clients.

LW -252 outdoor SF6 circuit breaker

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