6mm stainless steel LED waterproof indicator
Open hole diameter:6MM

LED voltage color: 3-6V (red), 3-6V (green), 3-6V (blue), 3-6V (yellow), 3-6V (white), 12-24V (red), 12-24V (green), 12-24V (blue), 12-24V (yellow), 12-24V (white), 110-220V (red), 110-220V (green), 110-220V (blue), 110-220V (yellow), 110-220V (white)
product type Waterproof indicator
Depressurization mode resistance
Head shape Flat head
colour Red, green, blue, yellow and white
Lamp source type LED
Voltage 3V-220V
Installation dimension 6MM
Rated current 20MA
Scope of application Device indicator signal
Minimum number of packages 100
Whether cross-border export is the exclusive source of goods:no
Contact type Stripline
Wiring mode welding
Front ring material Metal
Rated working current of contact 20MA
Electrical life one million
Mechanical life one million
weight 5Gram

wire length 150mm