Single eye cable net sleeve is also called: cable net sleeve/intermediate net sleeve/wire net sleeve/pull wire net sleeve/power net sleeve/optical cable net sleeve/optical fiber net sleeve/ground wire net sleeve

Brief introduction of double eye cable net sleeve
Single-eye cable mesh sleeve Purpose: Pull wire mesh sleeve Purpose: Connect various steel core aluminum stranded wires and insulated conductors to ground wires during power construction Easy to use and other advantages are the most ideal tools in power construction.
Connecting various steel-cored aluminum stranded wires and insulated conductors and grounding optical fiber and optical cables when laying out electric power construction. It can pass various types of wire-charging pulleys. It has the advantages of light weight and large tensile load and easy to use. It is the most ideal tool in electric power construction .

The main purpose
The main purpose of the pull wire mesh sleeve: used for the connection of power cable, communication cable traction installation and wire tightening, and for various steel core aluminum stranded wires. It can pass various wire pay-off pulleys.
Pull wire mesh sleeve rotator Purpose: suitable for various specifications of wires. The steel core aluminum stranded wire is connected to the traction steel wire rope when the wire is paid. It can release the twisting force of the steel wire rope.
The general purpose of the pull wire netting sleeve: the wire rope is used for connection when the wire rope is laid, and it can pass various wire rope pulleys.