Calculation method of distribution box:


A: Distribution box price
B: Total price of electronic components
C: Distribution box price (six-sided area and *130 USD)
K: coefficient 1.4.-2.5

Example: PZ-30 distribution box 110x280x110mm
Components $45.66 for 10-way box, 5+$5 for each circuit
Total price $70.66

Floor-mounted distribution box:
XL-21 low-voltage power cabinet product introduction XL-21 series power distribution box is suitable for low-voltage power distribution systems of power plants, substations, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery and other factories and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings, as power, power distribution, and electric motors 、Control center and other electric energy conversion, distribution and control. XL-21 power distribution box is divided into two types,
The cabinet heights of 1700mm and 1800mm are common type (P type), the cabinet is installed independently, and the top can be opened according to requirements. The top of the box can be opened in and out of the hole; the cabinet height of 1900mm is the top bus type (M type), the top of the box is detachable The cover plate is convenient to install and remove the bus. Product features The box body is made of profiled steel frame, the door panel, side and rear sealing plates are all detachable, the installation plate and side beam can be adjusted, installation and maintenance are flexible, convenient, compact in structure, and versatile. With precision-cast adjustable door hinges, the opening of the door is greater than 135°. The mounting bracket in the box body can be adjusted as a whole after the components are installed. It can be installed and wired in and out according to different use environments. It has strong versatility and can be used in combination with multiple units.
For example
XL-21 box 1800X600X300
Total current 400A sub switch 12 circuits 40A with ammeter, voltmeter and indicator light
B 658 USD
C USD 135
K 2.0
A USD 1586

Technical parameters □ Conform to standards: IEC439, GB7251.1-1997, JB/T9661-1999

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