Ezitown brand Cyprus distribution box for foreign market


Ezitown produc and export optional External Size Cyprus distribution box to europe market .Cyprus,US,NZ,ect.

Distribution box is the data on the massive parameters, generally constitute a low-pressure forest according to electrical wiring, requiring switching equipment, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment assembled in a closed or semi-enclosed metal cabinet or screen, constitute a low-voltage distribution box. Normal operation can be switched on or off by means of manual or automatic switching.

The use of distribution box: a reasonable allocation of electricity to facilitate the opening and closing of the circuit operation. Has a high degree of security protection, can be intuitive display circuit of the conduction state.

Metal Cyprus distribution box protection level to be higher, so the metal is widely used.

Ezitown factory has been focus on  the development of Cyprus distribution box for over 20 years.On the other hand,new products are always keep being opened up.

Ezitown factory  have  professional production team, the workers have experience, their professional guarantee the quality of the Cyprus distribution box .










Ezitown cyprus extension Optional mcb sheet metal enclosure nicosia limassol flush din rail distribution box























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Ezitown brand Cyprus distribution box in Cyprus electric company


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