Is the metal waterproof switch stainless steel push button safe?
With the advent of metal switches, more and more devices use metal switches. Metal switches are not only beautiful, easy to clean, wear-resistant, waterproof, dustproof, and natural fire-proof, but they are also cheap. The stainless steel body is easy to be made into any size. The surface is still very shiny after tens of thousands of pressings.
But some users worry about whether the metal body will conduct electricity. First, the conductive part in the switch is from the contact to the terminal. The contacts are wrapped in a plastic shell and will not touch the metal body. Strictly inspected before leaving the factory.
The switch is large or small, and users worry about whether the body is too thin and will cause the risk of high voltage breakdown. According to the IEC 61058-1:2000 standard, the switch withstand voltage of the appliance must reach Dielectric intensity 2000VAC
Generally, appliance switches are direct current or low-voltage alternating current, less than 2000V AC
Ensure absolute safety during use.

We have 10 years of metal switch production experience. Obtained ISO9001 UL CE ROHS VDE and other certifications. All customers are very satisfied with the product performance. We have more than 10 sizes of metal switches for you to choose from.

ezitown 8mm push button switch customize symbol
ezitown 8mm push button switch customize symbol