GGD Low-Voltage Control equipment Switchgear

Item : GGD

GGD Low-Voltage Control equipment Switchgear

Switchgear and
Control equipment
GGD type AC Low-voltage fixed-type distribution Box
GGD series AC Low-voltage distribution cabinet is applied to the distribution system of AC  50Hz,rated working voltage 400Vand rated current up to 3150A in the power plant ,transformer substation ,industrial and mining enterprises ,used for conversion ,distribution and control of electric energy of power ,lighting and distribution equipment.
This distribution cabinet is featured with high breaking capability,perfect stability, and flexible electric scheme,convenience in combination, strong practicability, novel structure and high protection degree..
Normal working conditions
Environment temperature:-5℃~+40℃,average shall not be higher than+35℃ within 24h.
Relative humdity:max50% at +40℃,but at a low temperature ,a high relative humidity is pe rmissible , in addition,the condenstation caused by change of temperature shall be considered.
Installation & operation :the device shall be installed at the place where are no strong vibration or impact and no corrosion affecting the electric elements .the degree of deviation from vertical shall not more than 5°when the device is installed .
If  you have any rquiremengt ,please contact wit us and negotiate with us .

Technical parameters

Model                              GGD1             GGD2            GGD3
Rated voltage                         400               400              400
Rated current
100              1600(1500)         3150
630(600)          1000              2500
400              630(600)           2000
Rated short-circuit breaking current       15kA             30kA              50kA
Rated short-time withstand current        15kA             30kA              50kA
Rated peak withstand current            30kA             6330kA            105kA

Q:Can I order the cabinet/enclosure/box and the wiring material from you or other supplier,

you make wiring and assembly for us ?

A:we have egineering, wiring and assembly team for

low voltage/medium voltage/high voltage/DC control .

can make drawing and diagram to confirmation and proceed the assembly.

we have unite nation project in regular assembly.



Q:How can I make our own brand for my order

A:we supply OEM service if order quantity meet the OEM MOQ ,

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Q:What is the delivery if I make payment

A:Almost all items we keep in stock.and we have many order every day , We need 1-3 working days to packing and make delivery.OEM packing will be longer time.


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A:we always welcome customer visit us,

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