LW28 Universal Changeover Switch

Item : LW28

Universal Changeover Switch

Details :Changve Over switch,universal changeover switch,Voltmeter,Ammeter,Altmeter,power selector switch

Item : LW28

Details :Changve Over switch,universal changeover switch,Voltmeter,Ammeter,Altmeter,power selector switch

Product introduction
LW28 series is mainly used for communication’s switch 50Hz, rated voltage 440V and below, dc voltage 240V below and rated current to the electrical wiring 63A for manual less frequent switching circuit breaker or controlling and conversion, may also directly control three-phase induction motor and made to measure and control circuit. Product versatility, instead of transition state officially switch, can be used as the circuit control switch, the formal test equipment, motor control switch, switch to control switch and electric switch, and etc.
Conform to the standards
Main circuit and control switch directly with GB14048.3-2001。
God makes the control switch GB14048.5-2001。
Normal working condition
1.Around air temperature no more than +40℃,within 24h, and no more than the average temperature+35℃;
2.the upper air temperature around. No more than -5℃;
3.Installing place shall not exceed altitude 2000m;
4.The highest temperature for+40℃,the air temperature is not more than 50% of the relative low, at the temperature can allow higher relative humidity, such as 20℃.to 90%. Due to temperature change of any specific measures occasionally.
5.1 According to the main circuit has purposes by switch direct control motor, and the Lord made with switch control and use switch. 5.2 According to the operation mode has, since the complex type localization and orientation of the complex type. 5.3 According to the contact system, positioning type switch 1~12 Section(Among them 63A Only 8 Section),Since the complex type switch 1~3 Section,Direct control motor using switch are mainly 1~6。 5.4 According to the Angle 30°、45°、60°、90°Etc。 5.5 According to the panel shape points cylindric panel, rectangular panel and circular panel (only 20A)。 5.6 According to the type of knobs, there R divided, F type, type B, type, type, S P and K, altogether eight。 5.7 According to the operation mode and operation device position as shown in table combination。
7.1Shape dimension
Shape dimension see table 1 and figure 3

Circular panel















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