Ⅰ. Product Description

     Ezitown Gateway module is used for the communication and network management of the intelligent control system with 4 channels. It has the function of IP network, scene mode and timing, WIFI and processing RS232/485 data etc. It can communicate with the operation management platform through TCP/UDP. 4 channel modbus gateway module is generally used as main host for smart hotel and building automation control system, connecting with relay module/curtain module/dimming module to realize light control, curtain control and air conditioner control for smart home. 


WiFi Smart Gateway Module

WiFi Smart Gateway Module

. Product Features – Modbus Gateway Module 

● Scene Mode: support 32 Scene Definitions

● Timing:RTC real-time clock, support scene timing function.

● RS485 communication: 3 groups of 485 Interface, each 485 port supports 32 sub-devices, support mounts relay drive module, window 

 control module, dimming module, switch panel, sensor, central air conditioning controller, etc.

● CAN communication: support scene linkage function between gateways

● WIFI communication: connect to the cloud server via wifi, and operate the device through the mobile app/backend server

● Mobile APP: You can use APP to add/delete devices, set 485 addresses, device pairing, set device relationship attributes, control device 

 switches, device online  upgrades, etc.



Operating Voltage

12VDC±10%; 90mA

CAN interface

CAN bus 4 bit 5.08 plug-in Terminal

RS485 Interface

3 groups RS485 Interface

Network Port

RJ45, 10M/100M adaptive, support TCP/IP/UDP


Build-in 2.4G wifi, 802.11 b/g/n

Installation method

35mm standard guide rail installation (6 modules)