The product it applies it industrial and mining enterprises and civil architecture. And it is the equipment which controls pool, water tower, water box, etc. Automatically. It has the advantages of sensitive response, acurate control, novelty and practicality, so it is the necessary water supply product of factories, hotels flats, buildings, houses and so on high buildings.

Construction principle

The water level controller should be installed parallelly inside the pool. And, a sealed terminal box is supplied inside the water level switch, and terminals are installed inside the box. With locating piece hanging in temperature-resistant wire, After the water level switch being connected with power, and when water level decreases to 1/2 lower locating piece, the merciod switch will automatically connect with power supply and start water pump tooperate. When water level increases to 1/2 upper locating piece, the merciod switch will cut off power automatically. So water pump stops operating automatically, You can set the height of water level through the upper locating piece and lower locating piece by yourself, so the product can guarantee the water flows continuosly.


1. The product will prevent water from overflowing in pool, water tower and water box, which may result in waste. Besides, it can protect water pump against overload operation that may damage water pump.

2. The product saves time for users. After connecting with power, it can manage and control the water without people.

3. Negotiating with us for the length of temperature-resistant wire-bar.

Basic arameter

1. Power supply: 200V AC50Hz

2. Ambient temperature -30℃~+80℃

3. Power Consumption: <1.5KW

4. Output making capacity: 220V AC 4A