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Distribution box is the mass parameter data, is generally constitute a low-voltage forest according to the electrical wiring, requirements will switch electric appliance and auxiliary equipment equipment, measuring instruments, the protection assembly in a closed or semi closed metal cabinet or screen size, form a low voltage distribution box. During normal operation by manual or automatic switch is turned on or off circuit


Circuit breaker (English Name: circuit-breaker, circuit breaker) refers to the closing, the bearing and the current open normal loop conditions and can switch device, bearing and breaking current abnormal loop conditions within the stipulated time.


Push button switch (English Name: push-button switch) refers to the use of buttons to push the transmission mechanism, so that the movable contact and the static contact to switch on or off and the realization of circuit switching. Push button switch is a kind of simple structure, so the main electrical appliances are widely used. In the automatic control circuit for electric, manual sends out control signal to control a contactor, relay, electromagnetic starter.


The temperature controller (Thermostat), according to the temperature change of the operating environment, physical deformation occurred in the switch inside, resulting in some special effect, produce conduction or disconnect a series of actions automatic control component, also called temperature temperature control switch, protector, temperature controller, referred to as the thermostat. Or will the temperature to the temperature controller through a temperature protector, temperature controller sends commands to control the switch, the operation of equipment to achieve the temperature and the ideal effect, its application range is very wide, according to the temperature controller for different kinds of applications in home appliances, motor, refrigeration or heating and many other products.